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EPIC FOOTBALL CAMPS is excited to offer three different levels of sponsorship to our Impact Partners.  Our Mission is to provide three different opportunities.  Impact Partners help our Scholarship program for college, promote scholarships to attend camp, and promote opportunity for advertisement.  We believe that these partnerships will have the ability to impact the lives of youth across the Midwest and beyond.  


Levels of Sponsorship:


TEAM CAPTAIN:  For sponsors who want to be involved at the local level of a team camp in their area.


ALL-CONFERENCE:  For sponsors who want to go beyond their local area and be involved with multiple camps, online advertising and social media.


ALL-STATE: For sponsors who want to have the greatest impact possible.  These sponsors will be involved with all camps, online advertising, social media, be invited to attend camps, and be recognized as a partner for our scholarship program!


For more information about how your company can take advantage of one these great opportunities please contact us through our "CONTACT US" page.


Click Here to get started NOW!


IMPACT Partners!

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